Furniture is one of the most important components in the arrangement and functionality of a room, regardless of its further purpose, whether it is a house, an apartment, an office, a bar or a restaurant.
Competently executed design project of furniture, surely is the first and major step towards realizing the target. In the process of work we will take into account the peculiarities of a specific room, requirements of a customer and compliance with the style and individuality. Besides, the introduction of innovative ideas also acts a considerable part during the project’s process.

You can find some examples of various furniture design projects visualization here below.
dal01 dal02 dal03 vax01 vax02 vax03
guK kax_1 kit03 kitch 01 01tam
02tam 04tam 202 205 d01 d02
d03 d04 gk1 gk3 kitchen02 kitchen04
kor01 lux01 lux02 mimoza01 mimoza02 nb1
nb2 ser1 ser2
023 030 033 034 062
K01 K02 K03 K04 K05
K06 lk1 lk2 lk3 lk4
lk5 sk1 sk2 sk3 sk4
sk5 sk7
v01 v02 entr01 entr03 entr05
entr entrFa01 entrFa02 entrFa03 entrFa04
dd01 dd02 dd03 dd06 dd09
sd1 sd2 sd3 sd4 sd5
gard01 gard02 gard03 gard04 gard101
gard102 gard103 gard104 SP01 SP02
SP03 SP04 dat33 dat34 dat35
gard 01 gard 02 prix 04 prix 05
vax04 vax05 vax06 vax07
1008 1009 1010 1011
1012 1013 Kr1 Kr2
z01 z02
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