An architectural project is the first main thing that occurs during buildings conception. Professionally fulfilled projects determine the result of future constructions: the strength of the foundation, as a consequence, the whole building; practical benefit of different elements; exterior view and the fitting of constructing facility into surrounding landscape. Architectural design - is a creation of a draft, detailed project, preparation of a full package of technical documentation that will be used by construction and maintenance organizations.
On the bases of the above we can offer:

          ·  Detailed projects of any complexity and specificity
          ·  Design of houses, administrative buildings and facilities
          ·  Individual designing of cottages and country houses
          ·  Designing of residential complexes
          ·  Preparation of all necessary calculation, estimation and supporting documentations
          ·  Obtaining of official approvals and building permits

You can find some examples of architectural projects visualization here below.
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a0019 a0020 a0021 a0022 a0023
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